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June 29, 2011 Old pages moved, Photos added

June 13, 2011 Additional directions to housing added

June 2, 2011 lodging at Baits is full

May 3, 2011 Conference Schedule added

Apr 15, 2011 Final list of accepted papers added

Apr 4, 2011 Accommodation / Registration Opened

Feb 17,2011: MaxSAT Evaluation Deadline Added

Feb 16, 2011: Extended Deadline for paper submissions (21st instead of 18th, Feb).

Dec 20, 2010: Final CFP Added

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Aug 31, 2010: Web Site opens


Workshops proposals
Dec. 17, 2010

Abstract submission
Feb. 11, 2011

Paper submission
Feb. 21, 2011

Author notification
Mar. 20, 2011

Final version
Apr. 8, 2011

June 19th to 22th, 2011

June 18th and 23th, 2011

Affiliated Events Main Dates

SAT Competition
Web site
Bench. Submission:
Feb. 13, 2011
Solver Submission:
(ext.) March 2, 2011

PB Evaluation
Web Site
Solver/Benchs. Subm.:
March 20, 2011

MAX-SAT Evaluation
Web Site
Solver Submission:
March 25, 2011

Affiliated Workshops Main Dates

web site
Abstract: April, 10th
Papers: April, 17th

web site
Abstract: April, 22nd
Papers: April, 29th

web site
Abstract: April, 17th
Papers: April, 24th

SAT/SMT Solver Summer School 2011

The SAT 2011 conference is held just a few days after the SAT/SMT Solver Summer School 2011 (from June 12th to June 17th), located at MIT, Cambridge, USA.

Associated Events

SAT 2011 Associated Workshops

Following the success of SAT'2010 Workshops (associated to FLOC'2010), we have accepted four workshops this year.

POS 2011: Pragmatics of SAT

Organizers: Daniel Le Berre and Allen Van Gelder
Contact : pos at
web site:

SPA 2011: SAT for Practical Applications

Organizers: Carsten Sinz, Olga Tveretina
web site:

CSPSAT 2011: First International Workshop on the Cross-Fertilization Between CSP and SAT

Organizers: Yael Ben-Haim and Yehuda Naveh
web site:

SAT 2011 Competitive Events

SAT 2009 Trophies

SAT Competition

SAT Contest 2011 Web site

You can contact them by writting to

PB Evaluation

PB Evaluation 2011 Web site

You can contact them by writting to

MAX-SAT Evaluation

MaxSAT Evaluation Web Site