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Bât 490 Université Paris Sud
91405 Orsay Cedex France

Phone (33) 01 69 15 76 02
Fax (33) 01 69 15 65 86


How to go to LRI
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Google Maps Address: "LRI entrance Orsay France"

By public transport

In short: Take the RER line B, direction "Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse" to "Orsay Ville". Detailed explanations on the RER system are given below.

  • From Orsay station to LRI.
  • Using RER B to Orsay.
  • Connecting to RER B.
  • Tickets.
  • Useful Links.
  • [Access plan]

    From Orsay station to LRI

    It takes 5 to 10 minutes to walk from Orsay station to LRI. The exit is at the end of the platform from which the train arrived, behind the station building. Take the underpass (when you arrive at the center platform turn to the left once you are in the underpass), when you are on the other side of the railway track keep on descending Rue El. Desjobert. Traverse the small bridge over the Yvette Creek and enter the campus. Take the footway starting after the campus entrance at the right side of the road. Walk straight uphill until you reach the parking lot in front of LRI. LRI is building number 490.

    Once you are inside, ask at the box labeled Accueil for the person you wish to visit, or use one of the telephones installed in front of the doors leading to the corridors.

    Using RER B to Orsay

    Directions of RER (and Métro) lines are always named by the end destination, for RER B to Orsay this is "Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse". The RER line splits outside Paris, furthermore the trains do not stop at all stations, hence you have to check the billboard installed on the platform for the "Orsay Ville" stop.

    Orsay is 35 minutes away from the center of Paris ("St. Michel"), 15 minutes from "Antony" (interconnection with Orly airport) and 75 minutes from Charles-de-Gaulle (aka Roissy) airport. Trains are scheduled every 15 minutes. You can get detailed schedules from the SNCF timetable server.

    How to connect to RER B

    From Gare du Nord.
    The RER B stop is in the basement of Gare du Nord.
    From Gare de l'Est.
    Take Métro line 4 in direction "Porte d'Orléans" to "Les Halles" (4 stops) where you can change to RER B.
    From Gare de Lyon.
    Take the brand new Métro Line 14 in direction "Madeleine" to "Châtelet" (1 stop) where you can change to RER B. You may also take RER lines A or D.
    From Gare Montparnasse.
    Take Métro Line 6 in direction "Nation" to "Denfert-Rochereau" (3 stops) where you can change to RER B.
    From Gare d'Austerlitz.
    Take RER C in direction "St. Michel" to "St. Michel" (1 stop) where you can change to RER B.
    From Gare St. Lazare.
    Take Métro line 12 in direction "Marie d'Issy" until "Madeleine" (1 stop), from there take the brand new Métro line 14 in direction "Bibliothèque" to "Châtelet" (2 stops) where you can change to RER B.
    From Gare Massy-Palaisau.
    The RER station is next to the TGV station.
    From Orly Airport.
    Take the ORLYVAL to "Antony" where you can change to RER B.
    From Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (aka Roissy Airport).
    • Terminal 1: Take the free shuttle bus (navette) to the RER station.
    • Terminal 2: You can walk to the RER station (about 10 minutes), or take the free shuttle bus (navette) to the RER station from any of the exits.
    You can take any train going into direction "Paris". If you want to go straight to Orsay you might have to get off at one at the Paris stations (for instance, Gare du Nord) and wait on the same platform for the train going to Orsay.
    From anywhere else in the Paris Greater Area.
    Check the RATP route planner, your final destination is "Orsay Ville".


    All prices as of october 1998 and for second class travel. No warranty, of course !.

    The Paris Métro tickets are not valid for going to Orsay. A single ticket Paris-Orsay is 19.50 FF, there is no reduction for round trips. When you need to connect to RER B via another RER line, Métro or ORLYVAL buy a trough ticket to Orsay Ville. Tickets from the airports to Orsay are more expensive (around 50 FF).

    You can buy tickets at any RER and Métro station. You can pay with credit card usually for amounts of at least 45 FF. There are also vending machines but you'll need change or, from 100 FF upwards, a French credit card equipped with a chip (carte bleue).

    When you are staying for complete weeks or months, you should buy a weekly or monthly ticket. Orsay is in Zone 5, so for Paris-Orsay you'll need a ticket for the zones 1 through 5. It is also valid to go to Charles-de-Gaulle airport but not for Orly airport (unless you buy first class).

    • Ask at the ticket counter for the base card (carte orange). The base card is free but you need a passport photo.
    • You have to buy a weekly ticket (coupon hebdomadaire) for 162 FF, valid Monday through Sunday, or a monthly ticket (coupon mensuel) for 555 FF, valid for a calendar month. Be sure to ask for the right zones, e.g. 1 to 5 if you are based in Paris. Inscribe the number of your Carte Orange on the ticket.
    The special passes for several days (Paris Visite) usually do not pay when you're visiting LRI.

    See the RATP Server for more recent and complete information.

    Useful Links

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