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Browse the LRI bibliography

This page allows you to search the bibliography according to numerous criteria. The search is case-insensitive, and insensitive to diacritic symbols: if you type "francois bèbe" in the author field of the form, you will retreive the anwsers that contain "François Bébé".

There is a wildcard, "%" that matches any substring, hence, if you don't know if an author name is "smith" or "smythe", the string "sm%th%" will match both.

In addition, a wildcard is substituted for any whitespace in the search field, and an additional wildcard is inserted at the beginning and at the end of the field: if you type "transactions systems", you will find "Transactions on Computational Systems Biology II".

On the other hand, the order of appearance of the words in the search field is relevant: if you type "smith jones" in the author field, you will not find "Jones and Smith".

The output can be produced in html (as formatted by latex2html), in BibTex format, or both. The other fields in the search form speak for themselves.

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