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Region IDF
Nov 2012 - Nov 2029

Group : Human-Centered Computing
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Affiliation : Université Paris XI

Remote Collaborative Interaction Among Heterogeneous Visualization Platforms

The goal of DIGIPODS is to design new interactive equipments and devices for collaborative interaction in immersive and high-resolution visualization platforms, connected through a high-end telepresence infrastructure. Beyond the usual interactive devices of such platforms (motion capture, interactive surfaces, haptic devices, audio and video systems), all the platforms will be augmented with new devices to facilitate co-located or remote interaction and collaboration: telepresence robots and the Digicarts, a new kind of interaction devices specifically designed for these needs. These equipments will be used by researchers in Human-Computer Interaction to explore the visualization and manipulation of large datasets, interaction in virtual reality, remote collaboration among heterogeneous platforms; but also by researchers from other fields and by professionals in order to explore and manipulate their complex data.

Research activities
  Human-Computer Interaction
  Input Devices
  Mediated Communication
  Communication Appliances
  Multi-Surfaces Interaction


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