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Contract / grant for group Verification of Algorithms, Languages and Systems

Nov 2010 - Nov 2013

Group : Verification of Algorithms, Languages and Systems
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Affiliation : Université Paris XI


The future Internet will bring a growing number of networked applications (services), devices and individual data (including private ones) to end-users (citizens, consumers, employees). The important challenges are the organization of their access, and the guarantee of trust and privacy.
The objectives of the PIMI project (Personal Information Management through Internet) are the definition of a model-based design environment and a deployment platform for Personal Information Management System (PIMS). The future PIMS must provide the end-user personal data access with services that are relevant to his needs. In order to take mobility into account, the PIMS will be accessed both by mobile devices (smartphone) and Internet-connected Personal Computers.
With the increasing number of e-services and associated data being accessible through Internet, the number and complexity of PIMS will augment dramatically in the near future. This will require strong research investment in a number of topics, all contributing to the expected usability and accessibility of Individual Information Spaces for the end-user:

* Electronic trust and reputation of the services
* Secured private data transfer between PIMS and between services
* Ergonomic Human Computer Interface including mobile ones
* Service composition and re-composition based on end-users requirements (life events), on e-service trust and runtime feedback
* Quality of Service / Quality of Experience self adaptation
* Advanced algorithms to monitor the PIMS, the private data and service accesses

Research activities
  Formal Model-Based Testing
  Web data management

ZAIDI Fatiha
SAÏS Fatiha

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