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Réseaux & Optimisation Combinatoire et Stochastique (ROCS)

ROCS is a joint team with researchers in Networking and Stochastic and Combinatorial Optimization. The ultimate aim of the Networking part is to deal with research related to user mobility, quality of service and security mainly over wireless communication networks regardless their types, with or without infrastructure. New solutions are investigated for optimizing several networking parameters such as routing, energy, security, scheduling and resources. These solutions lead to the definition of algorithms and protocols that must achieve high performance results. The Stochastic and Combinatorial Optimization part is using optimization paradigm as a fundamental component of research methodology which is mainly built on the combined design, modeling, and performance evaluation of the proposed optimized solutions. The main research is related to deterministic combinatorial optimization and stochastic optimization. The main objective of ROCS is to deal with crucial topics and future developments especially in mobile networks by developing strong collaborations to solve complex network optimization problems.

Composition de l'équipe
    QUADRI Dominique

  Membres permanents
    AL AGHA Khaldoun
    GICQUEL Céline
    MARTIN Steven
    QUADRI Dominique
    ZEMA Nicola

  Membres non-permanents
    AJAEIYA Georgi
    DIALLO El-Hacen
    DIRATIE Eyassu Dilla
    DUPIN Nicolas
    EL HADDAD Fatma
    GARNIER Benoit
    HA Duc Thang
    LIU Bingqian
    MUSAVI Mariam
    NIZARD David
    SHRIT Omar

    AIT SAADI Nadjib
    CAVALLARI Nicolas
    GAWEDZKI Ignacy
    KHAWAM Kinda
    LAOUITI Anis
    MARINCA Dana

Activités de recherche
  Optimisation combinatoire et stochastique
  Optimisation dans les réseaux

Contrats en cours

Logiciels et brevets
  FR0652963 : Protocole de routage ad hoc résistant aux noeuds égoïstes
  Qolyester : Implémentation du protocole OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing Protocol)
  FR0958890 : Procédé de routage qualitatif dans un réseau de communication multi sauts, équipement de gestion de nœud de réseau
  cTuning : public repository and tools for collaborative and statistical program and architecture characterization and optimization
  Traffic unification in wild networks : Traffic unification in wild networks

Thèses et habilitabions récentes
  Formation de faisceaux et association utilisateur-à-cellule optimisées pour les futurs réseaux denses
  Chance Constrained Problem and Its Applications
  Optimisation de la consommation énergétique par agrégation de trafic et codage réseau dans les réseaux sans fil multi-sauts

Résultats majeurs
Logiciels et brevets