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Administrative and logistic service

The department manages and follows the budget of the unit: UPSud, CNRS and CentraleSupélec subsidy credit (357 K€ in 2018) and research contracts (ANR, Europe, Digiteo, Labex, Equipex, Idex, Industrialists, Territorial Communities, international program, etc.) and various grants (more than 85 contracts and grants (a budget of 3 200 k€ in 2018).

It manages all day-to-day activities and helps research teams in all phases of their contracts and grants.

To do this, it uses various information systems, such as financial and accounting management software (Sifac for UPSud and CentraleSupélec, as well as Geslab for CNRS) on a daily basis, which, in turn, leads to a parallel management of all requests from the supervisory authorities and partners. It also works closely with various departments of UPSud, CNRS and CentraleSupélec (financial and accounting department, budget unit, contract unit, partnership and valorization, personnel department) by using efficiently all the collaborative tools at its disposal.

The service contributes to the implementation of a quality approach in the management of all its activities.

The service is structured in one pole and two units:
- Management Center
- HR Unit and Info-Communication
- Logistics Unit

Group Members
  Group leader
    GRANON Monique

    ANAGUET Elodie
    AUGER Virginie
    BAKAYOKO Gladys
    GONZALEZ Blanche
    GRANON Monique
    LESAUVAGE Nathalie
    LOLLIA Isabelle
    RYBKA Romain
    VANOT Sonia

Administration and Logistics Section
  Management Center
  HR Unit and Info-Communication
  Logistics Unit

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