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Parallel Systems (ParSys)

The ParSys team is a research group that involves researchers from University Paris-Sud and Inria. ParSys specializes in designing and improving parallel and distributed algorithms and in using and programming the most recent hardware architectures. The main research areas addressed par ParSys include high-performance computing, distributed algorithms, compilation and code optimization.

Group Members
  Group leader

    BEAUQUIER Joffroy
    BURMAN Janna
    EISENBEIS Christine
    ETIEMBLE Daniel
    EVRAT Katia
    FALCOU Joël
    KHABOU Amal
    LAMBERT Alain
    LIMA PILLA Laércio
    NOWAK Thomas
    ROSAZ Laurent
    VIALLE Stéphane

  Non-permanent research staff
    CHO Da Jung
    CRAVO Fabricio
    DUFOULON Fabien
    HAN Cheng-Yu
    KAZDAGHLI Skander
    LAVEAU Marie
    PENUCHOT Jules
    PEOU Kenny
    WANG Zhan
    XU Chuan

    PAZ Ami

    CABARET Laurent
    JUBERTIE Sylvain
    PILARD Laurence

Research activities
  Distributed algorithms
  High-performance computing
  Parallel architectures
  Compilation and code optimization
  Quantum computing

Joint Inria project teams

Contracts & grants
  EDF - CFD on accelerators

Software & patents
  CLooG: Chunky Loop Generator
  Candl: Chunky Dependance Analyzer
  LeTSeE: LeTSeE: the LEgal Transformation SpacE Explorator
  FM: FM: the Fourier-Motzkin library
  Piplib: Parametric Integer Programming Library
  CELL-MPI: MPI Framework for the CELL Processor
  PoCC: the Polyhedral Compiler Collection
  OpenScop: OpenScop
  FR 2967800 - Cell-MPI brevet: Procédé de synchronisation et de transfert de données entre des processeurs reliés par des canaux DMA
  BSP++: The C++ Bulk Synchronous Parallelism Library
  NT2: The Numerical Template Toolbox
  Quaff: Quaff: Dataflow EDSL for Parallel Programming
  RBT solver: Random Butterfly Transformations
  cTuning: public repository and tools for collaborative and statistical program and architecture characterization and optimization
  Metaphore: Metaphore
  Clay: Clay
  MAGMA: Contribution to numerical linear algebra libraries
  SUNFLUIDH (collaboration LIMSI): CPU/GPU solver for Navier-Stokes equations
  myNRC2.0: Smart memory allocator
  covTrack: Robust and realtime multitarget covariance tracking

Recent Ph.D. dissertations & faculty habilitations
  Power-Aware Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  A parallel iterative solver for large sparse linear systems enhanced with randomization and GPU accelerator, and its resilience to soft errors
  Adaptation automatique et semi-automatique des optimisations de programmes

Resilient PDE solving approaches for exascale computing
Paul Mycek
29 May 2018 10h30

Efforts in Machine Topology-Aware Global Scheduling for HPC Systems
22 May 2018 10h30

Collaborative delivery by robots that can share energy
Evangelos Bampas
2 May 2018 10h30

Mariage stable auto-stabilisant et distribué
Marie Laveau
13 April 2018 14h30

Modélisation et implémentation du produit de matrice parallèle avec minimisation des communications
Thomas Lambert
11 April 2018 10h30

Algorithmic and HPC Challenges in Parallel Tensor Computations
Oguz Kaya
27 March 2018 10h30

Acyclic Partitioning of Large Directed Acyclic Graphs
Julien Herrmann
9 January 2018 10h30

Portable vectorization and parallelization of C++ multi-dimensional array computations
Laurent Plagne
19 December 2017 10h30

Recent advances in high-performance computing
Jose Roman, Lokmane Abbas Turki, Camille Coti
29 September 2017 09h30

Involution Delay Model: Faithful Delay Prediction in Digital Circuits
Jürgen Maier
25 July 2017 14h00

Building Distributed Computing Abstractions in the Presence of Mobile Byzantine Failures
Antonella Del Pozzo
11 July 2017 10h30

Slow Molecule Revolution
David Doty
5 July 2017 10h30

Optimisation de code pour le calcul scientifique sur carte Graphique
Ludomir Oteski
21 February 2017 10h30

Retour d’expérience sur le développement d’algorithmes et l’optimisation de codes mono- et multi-devices sur architectures hybrides
Stéphane Vialle
6 December 2016 10h45

An Overview of Integrated graphics processors
Ian Masliah
7 June 2016 10h30

Overview of Intel Knights Landing Processors
Asma Farjallah
31 May 2016 10h30

A computing medium for General purpose Computation
Frédéric Gruau
16 February 2016 10h30

Task-based multifrontal QR solver for heterogeneous architectures
Alfredo Buttari
19 January 2016 10h30

Space-Optimal Counting in Population Protocols
Janna Burman
8 December 2015 10h30

Recent Progress in Model Checking of Fault-tolerant Distributed Algorithms
Josef Widder
3 December 2015 10h30

Iterative Sparse Triangular Solves for Incomplete Factorization Preconditioning
Hartwig Anzt
24 November 2015 10h30

Time-Optimal Approximate Consensus in Highly Dynamic Networks
Thomas Nowak
17 November 2015 10h30

Efficient abstractions for GPGPU programming
Mathias Bourgoin
10 March 2015 10h30

Impact puissance-énergie sur l’architecture des processeurs
Daniel Etiemble
13 January 2015 10h30

Equivalence of Iterated and Non-Iterated Models of Distributed Shared Memory
Zohir Bouzid
25 November 2014 10h30

Lazy Spilling for a Time-Predictable Stack Cache: Implementation and Analysis
Florian Brandner
14 October 2014 10h30

Magma and Batched Small Dense Matrix Computation on the GPU
Tingxing Dong
26 August 2014 10h30

The wait free hierarchy
Rachid Guerraoui
27 May 2014 10h30

Natural algorithms
Bernadette Charron-Bost
20 May 2014 10h30

Milieu de calcul générique
Frédéric Gruau
29 April 2014 10h30

Résolution des systèmes linéaires et non linéaires creux sur clusters de GPUs
Lilia Ziane Khodja
15 April 2014 10h30

Méthodes de décomposition de domaines pour architectures massivement parallèles
Frédèric Magoulès
8 April 2014 10h30

Performance Prediction of Dense Linear Algebra Algorithms
Roman Iakymchuk
1 April 2014 10h30

Resource Allocation in Large-scale Distributed Systems
José Afonso Sanches
18 March 2014 10h30

New algorithms for the LU factorization and the generation of random orthogonal matrices
Amal Khabou
11 February 2014 10h30

Compilation statique pour le Python Scientifique
Serge Guelton
30 January 2014 10h30

Algorithmes auto-stabilisant bavards
Lélia Blin
21 January 2014 10h30

Résultats majeurs
Software & patents