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Databases (BD)
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as of 30 September 2013
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Group Members
  Group leader
    BIDOIT Nicole

Research activities

Software & patents
  EdiFlow: EdiFlow: interactive workflows for data analytics

  Meme Media Lab (Hokkaido University)
  Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan
  Hokkaido University, Japan

Recent Ph.D. dissertations & faculty habilitations
  Evaluation de requêtes d'analyse dans le cadre de flots de données
  Type for detecting XML queriy- Upda Types for detecting XML Query-update independece
  Evaluation parallèle de requêtes XQUERY basée sur une technique de type-projection.

Trustworthiness Inference in Wikipedia
Raphaël Bonaque
4 October 2013 15h00

Multi-Platform, Reactive Crowdsourcing
Stefano Ceri
27 September 2013 14h00

Assisted Reuse of Pattern-Based Composition Knowledge for Mashup Development
Soudip Roy Chowdhury
13 September 2013 13h45

AS-Index: Une structure efficace de recherche de texte
Cédric du Mouza
2 May 2013 10h30

Processing XML Queries and Updates on Map/Reduce Clusters
Dario Colazzo
19 April 2013 14h30

Social-aware search: instance optimality versus efficiency
Bogdan Cautis
29 March 2013 14h00

Online Refresh Strategies for Content Based Feed Aggregation
Roxana Horincar
15 March 2013 14h00

The skyline operator: recent research trends and applications
Matteo Magnani
19 February 2013 14h30

The Nautilus Analyzer – Understanding and Debugging Data Transformations
Melanie Herschel
15 February 2013 14h00

Design and Implementation of a tool for formulating recall-oriented structured queries on semantic networks
Katerina Tzompanaki
1 February 2013 14h00

Scalable, Low-Latency Data Analytics and its Applications
Yanlei Diao
20 December 2012 14h00

Entity Resolution for Big Data
Themis Palpanas
19 December 2012 11h00

Continuous Queries over Text Streams
Vassilis Christophides
18 December 2012 10h30

PhD defense of Federico Ulliana
Federico Ulliana
12 December 2012 14h00

Pattern-based XML queries
Amélie Gheerbrant
7 December 2012 14h00

PhD defense of Mohamed-Amine Baazizi
Mohamed-Amine Baazizi
7 September 2012 10h30

PhD defense of Konstantinos Karanasos
Konstantinos Karanasos
29 June 2012 11h00

Alin Deutsch: Policy-Aware Sender Anonymity in Location Based Services
Alin Deutsch
26 June 2012 14h00

Jan Hidders: A Structural Approach to Indexing Triples

8 June 2012 14h00

Kostas Tzoumas: Data flows in Stratosphere

16 March 2012 14h00

Interrogation de données réparties à grande échelle : des grilles vers les nuages.
Laurent d'Orazio
11 February 2010 11h00

Modelling the Web
Carlo Meghini
9 October 2008 09h00

On Computing Deltas of RDF/S Knowledge Bases
4 June 2008 09h30

Well-typed programs can't be blamed
Philip Wadler
6 May 2008 10h00

Résultats majeurs
Algebraic Incremental Maintenance for XML Views
8 August 2013
The article by A. Bonifati, M. Goodfellow, I. Manolescu and D. Sileo will appear in the ACM TODS.

Almost-Linear Inclusion for XML Regular Expression Types
26 March 2013

Efficient asymmetric inclusion of regular expressions with interleaving and counting for XML type-checking
30 April 2013

Efficient Query Answering against Dynamic RDF Databases
21 December 2012
F. Goasdoué, I. Manolescu, and A. Roatiş. International Conference on Extending Database Technology.

Growing Triples on Trees: an XML-RDF Hybrid Model for Annotated Documents
22 May 2013
F. Goasdoué, K. Karanasos, Y. Katsis, J. Leblay, I. Manolescu, S. Zampetakis. To appear in VLDBJ.

Materialized View Selection for XQuery Workloads
15 February 2012
Asterios Katsifodimos, Ioana Manolescu and Vasilis Vassalos

Optimizing XML querying using type-based document projection
14 October 2012
Article@ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) V. Benzaken, G. Castagna, D. Colazzo, K. Nguyễn

Type-based Detection of XML Query-Update Independence
15 March 2012

Web Data Indexing in the Cloud: Efficiency and Cost Reductions
22 December 2012
J. Camacho-Rodríguez, D. Colazzo and I. Manolescu. Int. Conf. on Extending Database Technology.

Software & patents