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Parallelism (Parall)
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as of 30 September 2013
please refer to the new team

Group Members
  Group leader
    VIALLE Stéphane

Research activities
  Distributed algorithms
  Fault Tolerance
  High Performance Computing

Software & patents
  IDéeBD: IDéeBD
  MPICH-V: Message Passing Interface For Volatile Resources

  Équipe de Logique Mathématique Université Paris Diderot Paris 7

Recent Ph.D. dissertations & faculty habilitations
  Fast and reliable solutions for numerical linear algebra solvers in high-performance computing.
  Methods and algorithms for solving linear systems of equations on massively parallel computers
  A Robust and Self-Stabilzing Hierarchical Routing Protocol for dynamic networks

Labeling schemes for bounded degree graphs
Noy Rotbart
20 September 2013 14h00

Savez-vous compter les pingouins ?
Laurent Rosaz
27 November 2012 10h30

A parallel two-level preconditioner for Cosmic Microwave Background map-making
Mikolaj Szydlarski
17 September 2012 10h30

Avoiding Communication in Cosmic Microwave Background Map-making
Meisam Sharify
17 September 2012 10h00

A parallel solver for simulations of incompressible fluid flows
Yushan Wang
14 June 2012 10h30

Programming models and numerical algorithms for quantum chemistry
Jeff Hamond
8 June 2012 10h30

Fault Tolerance opportunities for Climate codes
Leonardo A. Bautista Gomez
13 March 2012 10h00

Adaptive Lightweight Scheduling for Improving Bulk-Synchronous MPI Application Scalability on Multi-core Clusters
Vivek Kale
2 February 2012 10h30

LU factorisation with panel rank revealing pivoting and its communication avoiding version
Amal Khabou
26 January 2012 10h30

Using Overlapping and Filtering Techniques for Highly Parallel Preconditioners
Long Qu
26 January 2012 10h30

Collaborative application characterization and optimization
Grigori Fursin
19 January 2012 11h00

Tolérer les fautes transitoires, permanentes et intermittentes
12 January 2012 10h30

On the road to exascale

6 December 2011 10h00

Nouveaux Protocoles de Tolérance aux Fautes pour les Applications du Calcul Haute Performance
Amina Guermouche
1 December 2011 10h30

Programmation des architectures hiérarchiques et hétérogènes
Khaled Hamidouche
3 November 2011 10h30

Lazy BLAS-3 Reduction to Banded Upper Triangular
Gary Howell
15 September 2011 10h30

Multi-party computation forever, for cloud computing and beyond.
Shlomi Dolev
7 July 2011 10h30

Hypergraph partitioning for computing Krylov subspaces
Nick Knight
23 June 2011 11h15

Recent Progress in Communication-Avoiding Krylov Subspace
Erin Carson
23 June 2011 10h30

Accelerating linear system solutions using randomization techniques
Julien Herrmann
26 May 2011 10h30

Solving large sparse linear systems on distributed grids
Fabienne Jézéquel
31 March 2011 10h30

Using GPU to align human and chimpanzee whole chromosomes with an exact algorithm
Alba Cristina Magalhaes Alves de Melo
24 March 2011 10h30

Ring pipelined algorithm for the algebraic path problem on the CELL Broadband Engine
Claude Tadonki
17 March 2011 10h30

Guidelines for the Verification of Population Protocols
Julien Clément
10 March 2011 10h30

Program Parallelization and Optimization at Compile-Time in the Polyhedral Model
Cédric Bastoul
3 March 2011 10h30

Low-overhead diskless checkpoint for hybrid computing systems
Leonardo Bautista Gomez
17 February 2011 10h30

Calcul haute performance : l'approche probabiliste pour la validation des logiciels numériques.
Jean-Luc Lamotte
3 February 2011 10h30

The Numerical Template Toolbox : BOOST'ed Generic Array Library for High Performance Computing
Joel Falcou
20 January 2011 10h30

Fatiha Bouabache
9 December 2010 10h30

Gestion auto-stabilisante avec garantie de service de la connaissance des clusters voisins
Mekhaldi Fouzi
2 December 2010 10h30

Adversarial information retrieval
Brian D. Davison
30 November 2010 11h00

Probabilistic algorithms for large-scale systems
Thomas Largillier
25 November 2010 10h30

Impossibilité du consensus dans les protocoles de population avec temps de couverture
Joffroy Beauquier
18 November 2010 10h30

Enabling Socially-Aware Distributed Systems
Adriana Iamnitchi
17 June 2010 10h30

Numerical algorithms for hybrid GPU-Multicore systems
15 April 2010 10h30

Fair Synthesis of Asynchronous Distributed Systems
Nathalie Tali SZNAJDER
1 April 2010 10h30

Approximation, optimization and synthesis of stochastic processes.
Sylvain Pradalier
15 March 2010 10h30

P2P Social Networking
Mehdi Mani
4 February 2010 10h30

Z-Align and CUDAlign: Comparing Megabase Biological Sequences in Clusters and GPGPUs
Alba Cristina M. A. Melo
18 January 2010 14h00

Algorithmique probabiliste pour systèmes distribués émergents
Julien Clément
15 October 2009 14h00

NewMadeleine : Une approche dynamique pour l'optimisation des communications concurrentes sur réseaux haute performance
Elizabeth Brunet
10 March 2009 10h30

HDR Laura Grigori
Laura Grigori
30 January 2009 13h00

Research Challenges in Flash Memories
Sivan Toledo
25 November 2008 10h30

Outils pour le parallélisme : apports de la programmation générative
Joël Falcou
4 November 2008 10h30

Deterministic Secure Positioning in Wireless Sensor Networks
Partha Sarathi Mandal

Temporal Partition in Sensor Networks
Laurence Pilard

Résultats majeurs
Coverage-biased random explo-ration of large models and application to testing
27 March 2011
A. Denise, M.-C. Gaudel, S.-D. Gouraud, R. Lassaigne, J. Oudinet S. Peyronnet, STTT: Int. Jal on SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, DOI: 10.1007/s10009-011-0190-1

Software & patents