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Digiteo Seminar, April 28, 14:30, Supélec F.3.06 Digiteo Seminar, April 28, 14:30, Supélec F.3.06
Title : Adversary-Oriented Computing
Lecturer : Rachid Guerraoui, Prof. EPFL
Abstract: This talk will describe Adversary-Oriented Computing (AOC), a new paradigm to build high-assurance distributed programs. The underlying idea consists in introducing a
Faculty positions: selection for oral examination Faculty positions: selection for oral examination
Here follow lists of applicants retained for oral examinations
Digiscope FabLab inauguration Digiscope FabLab inauguration
The inauguration will take place on the 8th of April, at Claude Shannon Building (660), on Plateau du Moulon.
Querying Inconsistent Description Logic Knowledge Bases under Preferred Repair Semantics
Meghyn Bienvenu, Camille Bourgaux and François Goasdoué. AAAI'14.
Identifying change patterns of concept attributes in ontology evolution
Duy Dinh, Julio Cesar Dos Reis, Cedric Pruski, Marcos Da Silveira, Chantal Reynaud-Delaître
WWW 2014: RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs
Dario Colazzo, François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu and Alexandra Roatiş. International World Wide Web
Combining machine learning approaches for functional annotation and classificat
System Biology
Thu 17 April 2014 - 14h00
Room : 475 (PCRI-N)
Juliana Bernardes
Milieu de calcul générique
High-performance computing
Tue 29 April 2014 - 10h30
Room : 465 (PCRI-N)
Frédéric Gruau
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