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Logiciel cTuning
cTuning - public repository and tools for collaborative and statistical program and architecture characterization and optimization
Date de dernière version : 01 janvier 2014

Responsable : FURSIN Grigori

cTuning is a collaborative tuning center to develop free common open-source extensible collaborative infrastructure, benchmarks and collective optimization repository based on multiple research techniques and production tools to parametrize, abstract, automate, simplify and systematize program, compiler and architecture design and optimization using collective tuning, run-time adaptation, statistical and machine learning techniques. It enables sharing of benchmarks, datasets, optimization cases through unified web-services and tools with common APIs to be able to predict better optimizations or architecture designs provided there is enough information collected in the repository from multiple users. This technology minimizes repetitive time consuming tasks and human intervention: even though there is still a lot to be done, we are glad to see it helping several companies, end users and researchers to improve execution time, code size, power consumption, reliability and other important characteristics of the available computing systems ranging from supercomputers to mobile systems automatically.

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Logiciel - Licence : GPL

Activités de recherche
  Calcul haute performance

  FURSIN Grigori
  MEMON Abdul Wahid

  Apprentissage et Optimisation
  Systèmes Parallèles
  Réseaux & Optimisation Combinatoire et Stochastique

Logiciels et brevets
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