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Logiciel Núcleo

Núcleo - Boîte à outils núcleo
Date de dernière version : 24 août 2009

Responsable : CHAPUIS Olivier

Núcleo is a toolkit for exploring new uses of video and new human-computer interaction techniques. Rather than performance and reliability, Núcleo is focused on the ability to support rapid prototyping and incremental development of video applications. This approach contrasts with many of the research themes usually associated to video in the Multimedia or Network communities such as compression, transport or synchronization. Núcleo runs on Apple Mac OS X and Linux and is freely available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Pour en savoir plus:

Logiciel - Licence : LGPL

Activités de recherche
  Interaction Homme-Machine
  Communication médiatisée
  Communication vidéo

  ROUSSEL Nicolas
  CHAPUIS Olivier

  Informatique Centrée sur l'Humain

Equipe-projet Inria
Logiciels et brevets
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