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Logiciel Piplib

Piplib - Parametric Integer Programming Library
Date de dernière version : 02 août 2009

Responsable : BASTOUL Cédric

PIP/PipLib is the well known Paul Feautrier's parametric integer linear programming solver. PIP is a software that finds the lexicographic minimum (or maximum) in the set of integer points belonging to a convex polyhedron. The very big difference with well known integer programming tools like lp_solve or CPLEX is the polyhedron may depend linearly on one or more integral parameters. If the user asks for a non integral solution, PIP can give the exact solution as an integral quotient. The heart of PIP is the parametrized Gomory's cuts algorithm followed by the parameterized dual simplex method. The PIP Library (PipLib for short) was implemented to allow the user to call PIP directly from his programs, without file accesses or system calls. The user only needs to link his programs with C libraries.

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Logiciel - Licence : LGPL

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