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Logiciel Sage-Combinat

Sage-Combinat - Améliorer les fonctionnalités combinatoires de Sage
Date de dernière version : 23 janvier 2017

Responsable : THIÉRY Nicolas

Sage-Combinat is a software project whose mission is: to improve the open source mathematical system Sage as an extensible toolbox for computer exploration in (algebraic) combinatorics, and foster code sharing between researchers in this area.

Sage-combinat is a collection of experimental patches (i.e. extensions) on top of Sage, developed by a community of researchers. The intent is that most of those patches get eventually integrated into Sage as soon as they are mature enough, with a typical short life-cycle of a few weeks. In other words: just install Sage, and you will benefit from all the Sage-combinat development, except for the latest bleeding edge features

Pour en savoir plus:

Logiciel - Licence : GPL

Activités de recherche

  HIVERT Florent
  VIRMAUX Aladin
  PRIEZ Jean-Baptiste
  THIÉRY Nicolas

  Graphes, Algorithmes et Combinatoire

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