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Logiciel Mash-WP6
Mash-WP6 - Goal planning framework
Date de dernière version : 01 janvier 2010

Responsable : TEYTAUD Olivier

(95000 lines of code, C++) OpenDP is a stochastic dynamic programming framework, including optimisation, sampling, learning and dynamic programming algorithms.
OpenDP is under GPL license. While the number of users is still restricted, some modules have been reused in widely distributed programs (in particular some quasi-random sequences in the Gnu Scientific Library (see below) and the quasi-random Evolution Strategies in the very widely distributed Beagle). The OpenDP platform specifically includes:
  • random and quasi-random number generators;

  • support vector machines with several kernels, neural networks, decision trees, dots (including Weka);

  • cross-validation and heuristics for the choice of parameters;

  • various non-linear optimisation tools (evolution strategies, genetic algorithms, direct search methods, gradient-based techniques).

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Logiciel - Licence : GPL

Activités de recherche

  TEYTAUD Olivier
  MARY Jérémie
  GELLY Sylvain

  Apprentissage et Optimisation

Logiciels et brevets
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