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Research results
Software Frama-C
Frama-C - Framework for Modular Analysis of C
Date of the last release: 23 September 2013

Person in charge : MARCHÉ Claude

Frama-C is a suite of tools dedicated to the analysis of the source code of software written in C.

Frama-C gathers several static analysis techniques in a single collaborative framework. Some parts of the framework are nearing completion and can already provide useful results, while other parts should still be considered experimental. The collaborative approach of Frama-C allows static analyzers to build upon the results already computed by other analyzers in the framework. Thanks to this approach, Frama-C already provides sophisticated tools such as a slicer and dependency analysis.

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Software - Licence : LGPL

Research activities
  Program proof
  Formalisation and Proof of Numerical Programs
  Deductive Verification of Programs

  MARCHÉ Claude
  MBIADA NDJANDA Jacques Charles

  Verification of Algorithms, Languages and Systems

Joint Inria project team
Software & patents

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