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Research results
Software XupOp
XupOp - XupOp
Date of the last release: 01 January 2013

Person in charge : COLAZZO Dario

This tool is a general purpose type based optimiser for XQuery
updates. It relies on type-based projection in order to enable
XQuery main-memory engine to process large XML documents. The system implements static analysis techniques able to infer, from un update and a schema, what we called a type-projector, consisting of types of nodes needed by the update. The update is then performed on a projected document where only nodes typed by the type projector are retained. The result of this update is then merged with the original document for update propagation, in a streaming manner.


Research activities

  BIDOIT Nicole
  BAAZIZI Mohamed Amine

  Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge

Software & patents
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