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Software Scotty

Scotty - User Interface Programming at Run Time
Date of the last release: 01 January 2013

Person in charge : BEAUDOUIN-LAFON Michel

The goal of Scotty is to support "malleability", i.e. interfaces that can be modified at run-time in ways not anticipated by the designers. Scotty is a toolkit that allows a programmer to extend an existing Mac OS X application without access to its source code. Scotty provides the following abstractions: hooks to alter the appearance of windows and widgets, event funnels to alter their behavior, glass sheets to overlay graphics and add new interaction methods, dynamic code loading and object proxies to redefine and extend existing objects. Scotty also provides a higher-level interface based on instrumental interaction.

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Research activities
  Human-Computer Interaction

  MACKAY Wendy
  EAGAN James Robinson

  Human-Centered Computing

Joint Inria project team
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Software & patents
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