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Software GeneValorization

GeneValorization - Gene List significance at-a-glance
Date of the last release: 01 January 2014

Person in charge : COHEN-BOULAKIA Sarah

High-throughput technologies provide fundamental informations concerning thousands of genes. Most of the current biological research laboratories daily use one or more of these technologies and identify lists of genes.
Understanding the results obtained includes accessing to the latest publications concerning individual or multiple genes. Faced to the exponential growth of publications avaliable, this task is becoming particularly difficult to achieve.
Here, we introduce a web-based Java application tool named GeneValorization which aims at making the most of the text-mining effort done downstream to all high throughput technology assays.
GeneValorization gives a very clear and handful overview of the bibliography corresponding to one particular gene list.

New functionalities available (since October 2010) :
New module to guide the process of gene name disambiguation
EntrezGene ids can be used as input
And since July 2010:
Map the user defined keywords to MeSH terms
EntrezGene ids are now provided in the files saved
New GUI to manage keywords and gene names

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