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Research results
Software REISA
REISA - Controlled Knowledge Base Enrichment from Web documents
Date of the last release: 25 July 2012

Person in charge : PERNELLE-MANSCOUR Nathalie

REISA allows to enrich RDF/OWL knowledge bases with property instances using HTML documents annotated with class instances. Neighbor domain entities in the annotated documents are used to generate candidate properties according to the domain and range axioms defined in a domain ontology. These candidates are filtered using ontology axioms and existing property instances.


Research activities
  Information integration
  Integration of Data and Knowledge

  MRABET Yassine

  Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge

Software & patents
Low-cost Solution for Tangible Interfaces

Browsing Linked Data Catalogs with LODAtlas

Query Intermediate Representation Library