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Software WILD Input Server

WILD Input Server - WILD Input Server (WIS)
Date of the last release: 06 September 2003

Person in charge : HUOT Stéphane

The WILD Input Server (WIS) is part of the jBricks framework and helps prototyping, developing, testing and debugging interactive applications on cluster-based visualization platforms such as WILD. The WIS is a multi-device environment, enabling users to gather input data from a large variety of heterogeneous resources, including standard input devices, multi-touch devices such as tablets, motion trackers and standard communication protocols (OSC, TUIO, VRPN). WIS uses the ICon data-flow visual editor to create and edit input configurations that connect input devices and interaction techniques to applications at runtime. An extension API and a dynamic plugin architecture also allows to extend WIS functionalities at runtime.

Software - Licence : LGPL

Research activities

  HUOT Stéphane

  Human-Centered Computing

Joint Inria project team
  In Situ
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