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Research results
Software Causalex

Causalex - Causality Graph Explorer
Date of the last release: 22 September 2014

Person in charge : PAULEVE Loïc

The Graphs of Local Causality (GLC) are a compact representation of possible state changes within automata networks. They have been introduced for studying the activation of important components in very large biological networks.

Causalex is a graphical interface for visualizing, navigating and manipulating GLCs. A javascript interface allows to edit scripts for modifying the GLC and visualize the execution of algorithms (node colouration while computing, step-by-step execution).
A javascript library includes implementations of algorithms recently developed for GLCs, such as semi-decision of reachability properties, identification of cut-sets for reachability, etc.


Research activities
  System Biology

  SOUPLET Jean-Christophe
  HIRWA Fabienne

  Software development

Software & patents
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