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Research results
Software TemporalOCL
TemporalOCL - Temporal OCL Plugin for Eclipse
Date of the last release: 20 July 2014

Person in charge : TAHA Safouan

Temporal OCL is a temporal extension of OCL that enables modelers/developers to specify temporal constraints on object-oriented models. We do so by relying on Dwyers's specification patterns. You can write temporal OCL constraints without any technical knowledge of formalisms commonly used to describe temporal properties such as LTL or CTL logics.

This extension is integrated into the Eclipse/MDT current OCL plug-in, it provides a framework not only to constrain dynamic behavior of object-oriented systems, but other to generate functional tests for objects and verify their properties.

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Software - Licence : EPL

Research activities

  TAHA Safouan

  Heterogeneous Modeling

Software & patents

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