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Software GenRGenS

GenRGenS - Generation of Random Genomic Sequences and Structures
Date of the last release: 01 January 2014

Person in charge : DENISE Alain

GenRGenS is a software dedicated to random generation of genomics sequences and structures that supports several classes of models, including Markov chains, HMM, context-free grammars, automata, PROSITE patterns and more.

Authors : Yann Ponty, Michel Termier, Alain Denise.

GenRGenS is being developped as a collaboration between Bioinformatics group of LRI Orsay and the Molecular Bioinformatics group of IGM Orsay by Alain Denise, Yann Ponty and Michel Termier.

Reference: Y. Ponty, M. Termier and A. Denise GenRGenS: Software for generating random genomic sequences and structures Bioinformatics, June 2006 22(12):1534-1535.

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Software - Licence : GPL

Research activities

  DENISE Alain
  PONTY Yann


Software & patents

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