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Research results
Software BitDew
BitDew - Middleware for Large Scale Data Management and Distribution
Date of the last release: 15 November 2012

Person in charge : FEDAK Gilles

BitDew offers programmers a simple API for creating, accessing, storing and moving data with ease, even on highly dynamic and volatile environments. BitDew is a programable environment for the management and distribution of data on PC grids. On computational PC grids, it allows to use the storage space of the hard drive to run more complex applications requiring large volume of data. BitDew facilitates the design of large scale distributed systems aiming at processing large amount of data. In bioinformatics, for example, we will be able to perform the search for sequences within genes banks distributed over thousands of machines.

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Software - Licence : GPL

Research activities

  FEDAK Gilles
  HE Haiwu


Software & patents

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