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Research results
Software LN2R-LT

LN2R-LT - A Logical method and a Numerical method for Reference Reconciliation
Date of the last release: 01 January 2011

Person in charge : SAÏS Fatiha

This tool implements two methods of reference reconciliation: the logical one and the numerical one (developed in the IASI-Gemo team). These methods allow deciding whether different identifiers refer to the same data, i.e., correspond to the same world entity. Our reconciliation system exploits the semantics of a rich data model named RDFS+. It is based on recommendations and on submissions of the W3C for the semantic Web.

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Research activities
  Artificial Intelligence
  Semantic Web
  Integration of Data and Knowledge

  ROUSSET Marie-Christine
  SAÏS Fatiha

  Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge

Software & patents
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