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Software OpenScop

OpenScop - OpenScop
Date of the last release: 10 February 2014

Person in charge : BASTOUL Cédric

OpenScop is an open specification that defines a file format and a set of data structures to represent a static control part (SCoP for short), i.e., a program part that can be represented in the polyhedral model. The goal of OpenScop is to provide a common interface to the different polyhedral compilation tools in order to simplify their interaction. To help the tool developpers to adopt this specification, OpenScop comes with an example library (under 3-clause BSD license) that provides an implementation of the most important functionalities necessary to work with OpenScop.

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Software - Licence : BSD License

Research activities

  BASTOUL Cédric
  POUCHET Louis-Noel

  Parallel Systems

Software & patents

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