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Research results
AuGuSTe - Statistical Testing of C Programs

Person in charge : VOISIN Frédéric

The AuGuSTe system (Automated Generation of Statistical Tests) is a random test generation tool for C programs that ensure, depending on the options, a uniform coverage of execution paths (with a bounded length) or a randomised coverage of statements or branches: the number of drawn tests can be tuned such as the probability to satisfy the coverage criterion is as high as desired.

AuGuSTe has been developed by Sandrine-Dominique Gouraud. It is currently re-engineered under the direction of Frédéric Voisin.

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Research activities
  Formal Model-Based Testing

  VOISIN Frédéric
  GOURAUD Sandrine

  Verification of Algorithms, Languages and Systems
Software & patents
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