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Research results
OntoEvent-B - A Generator of Event-B contexts from Ontologies

Person in charge : AIT-SADOUNE Idir

In the context of IMPEX project, two modeling approaches are proposed to formalize ontology description using the Event-B models. The first one defines a formal approach to encode ontologies directly as Event-B Contexts elements (shallow approach). The second approach uses deep modeling in which first ontology generic concepts are defined in Event-B Contexts and then ontologies are defined as specific instances of these generic models in other Event-B Contexts.
The OntoEventB Rodin plug-in implements the proposed approaches and it has been developed to automatically support the formalisation of ontologies, described with ontology description languages like OWL, PLIB and RDFS, using set theory and predicate logic supported by the Event-B method.

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Research activities
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Software & patents
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