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Research results
Frama-C - Framework for Modular Analysis of C

Person in charge : MARCHÉ Claude

Frama-C is a suite of tools dedicated to the analysis of the source code of software written in C.

Frama-C gathers several static analysis techniques in a single collaborative framework. Some parts of the framework are nearing completion and can already provide useful results, while other parts should still be considered experimental. The collaborative approach of Frama-C allows static analyzers to build upon the results already computed by other analyzers in the framework. Thanks to this approach, Frama-C already provides sophisticated tools such as a slicer and dependency analysis.

More information:

- Licence : LGPL

Research activities
  Program proof
  Formalisation and Proof of Numerical Programs
  Deductive Verification of Programs

  MARCHÉ Claude
  MBIADA NDJANDA Jacques Charles

  Verification of Algorithms, Languages and Systems
Software & patents
The C++ Bulk Synchronous Parallelism Library

A prototype to automate semantic mappings between taxonomies

Procédé pour l’extinction de routeurs dans un réseau de communications et routeur mettant en œuvre ce procédé