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Research results
Silicell Maker

Silicell Maker - Silicell Maker: computer aided synthetic bionetwork design system

Person in charge : AMAR Patrick

Silicell Maker is a modelling editor / simulator for biochemical network design, with a highly intuitive graphical user interface. It uses the SBGN graphical notation, and support many standard file formats (SBML, Metatool, etc.)

Models can be exported to be used by various other modelling tools (HSIM, BIOCHAM, Metatool)

In the PhD memoir of Marc Bouffard (in french) one can find a complete description of the NetGate (logic gate finder) and NetBuild (boolean formula to metabolic network) plugins.

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Research activities
  synthetic biology

  AMAR Patrick

Software & patents
The C++ Bulk Synchronous Parallelism Library

A prototype to automate semantic mappings between taxonomies

Procédé pour l’extinction de routeurs dans un réseau de communications et routeur mettant en œuvre ce procédé