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Research results
TaxoMap Alignment

TaxoMap Alignment - A prototype to automate semantic mappings between taxonomies
31 May 2013

Person in charge : REYNAUD Chantal

TaxoMap is an alignment tool which aim is to discover rich correspondences between concepts. It performs an oriented alignment from a source to a target ontology and takes into account labels and sub-class descriptions. Three types of correspondences are computed: equivalence (isEQ), subclass(isA), proximity (isClose).

Escrow Agency : APP

Research activities
  Semantic Web
  Integration of Data and Knowledge

  REYNAUD Chantal
  SAFAR Brigitte
  CALVIER François-Elie
  HAMDI Fayçal

  Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge
Software & patents
The C++ Bulk Synchronous Parallelism Library

Procédé pour l’extinction de routeurs dans un réseau de communications et routeur mettant en œuvre ce procédé

A method for quality-based routing in a multi-hop network