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About LRI

Warning: this member left the laboratory on 13/12/2019
PERNELLE-MANSCOUR Professeur des universités
Université Paris 13
Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge

Tel : 0169157087
Fax :
Office : 173/PCRI-S

Personal web page :
Email :

Research activities
   - Integration of Data and Knowledge

Leadership positions
   - Member of the hiring committee

Principle investigator
   - SHIRI
   - CDS2

Software & Patents
   - LN2R-LT: A Logical method and a Numerical method for Reference Reconciliation
   - XTAB2SML: Tool for ontology driven semantic annotation of data tables.
   - KD2R: OWL2 key discovery on RDF datasets
   - SHIRI-Querying: Semantic Search on Heterogeneous Semi-structured Documents
   - SHIRI-Annot: ncremental Ontology-based Extraction and Alignment in Semi-Structured Documents
   - SAKey: Scalable Tool For Almost Key Discovery in RDF Data
   - VICKEY: Mining Conditional Keys on Knowledge Bases

Ph.D. dissertations & Faculty habilitations
Faculty habilitation   - Semantic enrichment of data: annotation and data linking

Contracts & Grants
   - PICSEL 3
   - SHIRI
   - Web-Content
   - E DOT
   - HEDI
   - PEPS RD2C
   - PEPS RD2C