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27 January 2017
Two Academic Positions are opened: 1 full professor and 1 associate professor
20 January 2015
Microgrids and their destructuring effects on the electrical industry
04 December 2014
Designing and Learning Features for Music Information Retrieval
Juan Pablo Bello
Associate Professor, Music Technology New York University
07 October 2014
Title: Desperately Needed Remedies for the Undebuggability of Large Floating-Point Computations in Science and Engineering
Lecturer: William Kahan, Emeritus Professor, University of California at Berkeley, ACM Turing Award
01 September 2014
Lecturer: Rich Caruana,
Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research

Title:Do Deep Nets Really Need to Be Deep?
23 September 2014
LRI organizes the first European Conference on Stochastic Optimization (EuroCSP) and Energy applications.
11 September 2014
Two associate professor positions in Computer Science are opened at Supelec with research assignment to.LRI.
09 September 2014
Fundamental limits of cooperative interference networks,
Daniela TUNINETTI, CR CNRS, Leader of the emergence project " IndexCod", Labex Digicosme
07 July 2014
04 July 2014
During the international conference PODC 2014 co-organized by the LRI et the LIP6, Leslie Lamport (Turing 2013 prize laureate) will give a talk entitled: "An Incomplete History of Concurrency, Chapter 1: 1965-1977" on the 17th of july
04 July 2014
The Dijkstra prize will be awarded during the 33rd Symposium on Principes of Distributed Computing.
07 June 2014
This award is presented for her career-long dedication to the Human-Computer Interaction community.
01 July 2014
Le Higgs boson machine learning challenge (HiggsML) vient d’ouvrir. Pour la première fois, l'expérience ATLAS au CERN a rendu publique une partie des données de simulées utilisées par les physiciens pour optimiser l'analyse du boson de Higgs.
04 June 2014
Journée Calcul et Simulation à Paris Sud
Mercredi 4 Juin 2014 Auditorium Lehman Bat 200
03 June 2014
Here follows the ranking of the applicants on the different positions, confirmed by the Administration Council on June 3rd
21 May 2014
Title: A combinatorial approach to the solitaire game
Lecturer: Antoine Deza, DR CNRS au LRI et titulaire de la Chaire Digiteo "Combinatorial Optimization"
06 May 2014
Title: Multistage Stochastic Optimization: Approximations, Bounds and Time Consistency.
Lecturer: Georg Pflug, Prof. University of Vienna
Abstract: We discuss two aspects of multistage stochastic optimization. In the first part we presen
21 June 2014
The proof assistant Coq receives the prestigious 2013 ACM Software System Award. It rewards the involvement of the Vals-Toccata team in the project, in the establishment of its theoretical foundations and in its development.
07 May 2014
Here follows the list of the applicants selected for oral examination
28 April 2014
Title : Adversary-Oriented Computing
Lecturer : Rachid Guerraoui, Prof. EPFL
Abstract: This talk will describe Adversary-Oriented Computing (AOC), a new paradigm to build high-assurance distributed programs. The underlying idea consists in
07 April 2014
The inauguration will take place on the 8th of April, at Claude Shannon Building (660), on Plateau du Moulon.
31 March 2014
8 faculty positions in Computer Science (section 27) are opened at University Paris-Sud with research assignment to LRI: 1 of full professor and 7 of associate professors.
31 March 2014
Title: The Satisfiability Modulo Theories solver Z3 Speaker: Nikolaj Bjorner, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Redmond,
The Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver Z3 from Microsoft Research powers a generation of tools, including SAGE, P
03 March 2014
The MIDWAY Inria international associated team (Musical Interaction Design Workbench And technologY) involves two partners: the In|Situ| group at LRI/Inria Saclay – Ile-de-France, and the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory (IDMIL) from the Cen
18 February 2014
Creation of an Inria associate-team R-LAS (Randomized Linear Algebra Software) between Postale/ParSys and University of Tennessee (Innovative Computing Laboratory), USA.
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