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14 May 2011
Slides of the talk of John Hopcroft at the Digiteo seminar on May 5th, 2001, and photos of this event and of his visit at LRI are available at the following address:
09 May 2011
29 April 2011
LRI's Day will hold on Tuesday June 21st 2011 at CNAM Paris, with talks, visit of the museum and will end at the evening by the music fest celebrating summer's arrival!
06 May 2011
05 May 2011
Tobias Isenberg, Beyond Pretty Pictures -Interactive Illustration and Scientific Visualization
John Hopcroft, Computer science theory to support research in the information age
12 April 2011
Une délégation de NUTN (National University of Tainan, Taiwan,
en visite au LRI pour préparer un accord de coopération en formation et recherche en Informatique avec Paris-Sud.
18 March 2011
SUPÉLEC, Amphi F3-05. Vendredi 18 Mars à 14h30
Abstract: In this talk I will shortly present Microsoft's approach to testing. I will then drill down into technologies (and tools) that my team championed in the last years: model-based testing, security te
15 February 2011
4 faculty positions in Computer Science (section 27) are opened at University Paris-Sud 11 with research assignment to the Laboratory of Research in Computer Science : 2 assistant professors (MCF) and 2 full professors (PR).
02 February 2011
Le master de Bioinformatique et Biostatistiques (BIBS) a été sélectionné parmi les "9 masters plébiscités par les étudiants et les entreprises" par le journal Le Monde dans son édition du 12 janvier (supplément Education). Ce master est porté par des ense
25 January 2011
DIGISCOPE is selected with 51 other projects among the 336 projects submitted to the "Equipment of Excellence" call for projects by the French government.
14 December 2010
The Institute for Computer Science and its interactions (INS2I) of the CNRS recruits in 2011 :
- 1 1st class full researcher (DR1)
- 12 2nd class full researchers (DR2)
- 2 1st class assistant researchers (CR1)
- 12 2nd class assistant researchers
22 November 2010
Stuart Russell's Invited Seminar at Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique, will take place on November 22nd, Monday, 11am, room 79.
Everyone is welcome.
16 November 2010
Visualization, organization of great amount of data and quantum computer
19 October 2010
Companies, students and anyone who is interested in computer science are welcome at LRI during the "Fête de la Science" on October 19, 22 and 24.
12 October 2010
Digiteo annual Forum
October 12, 2010
Ecole Polytechnique
10 June 2010
8th French Combinatorial Conference (8FCC), University Paris-Sud, 28th June to 2th July.
06 August 2010
Chercheuse au CNRS, Julia Kempe s'est vue décerner le 7 juin 2010 à Paris le Trophée Femme en Or 2010 dans la catégorie « recherche ».
27 May 2010
Pr Alfred Hero is Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan and Digiteo Chair. He will give a talk on 8th of June at Supelec (amphi F3.05) at 2:00 pm
26 May 2010
Le 4 Juin en Salle 79 du LRI, journée Graphes et Optimisation en l'honneur de Mekkia Kouider
07 June 2010
Classements des candidats aux cinq postes de Maître de conférences ouverts au recrutement
après décision du CA
16 April 2010
Le 7 Mai en Salle 79 du LRI, journée de Combinatoire en l'honneur de Dominique Gouyou-Beauchamps
01 March 2010
in section 27 (Computer Science) at the University of Paris-Sud 11 : two are at the Orsay Faculty (UFR) of Sciences, one of which is accompanied by an INRIA Chair, and three are at the Orsay Institute of Technology. Deadline for candidates: 25 March 2010
Paris, April 6-10. the premier international conference for researchers and industrial practitioners on Testing and V&V
The 4th workshop on Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics is going to take place on March 24-25, 2010 in the capital of France.
This project has been chosen on the 16th of December 2009 after a highly selective european process. The LRI is participating through the University Paris Sud XI.
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