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Digiteo/CDS Seminar, 26/3/2015, 14:30,Gàbor LUGOSI
Digiteo/CDS Seminar, 26/3/2015, 14:30,Gàbor LUGOSI Digiteo/CDS Seminar, 26/3/2015, 14:30,Gàbor LUGOSI
26 March 2015

Title : Looking for Adam in a tree
Lecturer : Gàbor LUGOSI, ICREA Research Professor, Barcelona,
26/3/2015, 14:30, Amphi Digiteo Moulon (Bât 660)
Abstract : We discuss algorithms to find the first vertex in large random trees generated by either the uniform attachment or preferential attachment model. We require the algorithm to output a set of K vertices, such that, with probability at least 1 − ε, the first vertex is in this set. We show that for any ε, there exist such algorithms with K independent of the size of the tree. The talk is based on joint work with Seb Bubeck and Luc Devroye. 
Gábor Lugosi is an ICREA Research Professor at the Department of
Bio : 
Economics and Business at Pompeu Fabra University.

His research has mostly focused on mathematical aspects of machine
learning including classification, density estimation,
regression, but also clustering and data compression, ranking, and
sequential prediction. He is also interested in concentration inequalities
and understanding the behavior of large random structures such as
random graphs and networks.

He has co-authored four research monographs; one on classification
(published by Springer in 1996), one on density estimation (also
Spinger, 2001a) , one on sequential prediction (Cambridge University
Press, 2006), and one on concentration inequalities (Oxford University
Press, 2013).
1 March 2018
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Wanyu Liu is awarded the STIC Graduate School Ph.D. Student Award
1 December 2017
Wanyu "Abby" Liu, Ph.D. student in the HCC group at LRI and at Telecom, was awarded the first prize for her work on "BIGnav: Information Theory meets Human-Computer Interaction".

Wendy Mackay Doctor Honoris Causa of Aarhus University
15 September 2017
Wendy Mackay received on September 15, 2017, the title of Doctorem Scientarum Honoris Causa from Aarhus University in Denmark for her career and specifically for her work on interactive video, participatory design and mixed reality.