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Wendy Mackay Doctor Honoris Causa of Aarhus University
Wendy Mackay Doctor Honoris Causa of Aarhus University Wendy Mackay Doctor Honoris Causa of Aarhus University
15 September 2017

Wendy Mackay received on September 15, 2017, the title of Doctorem Scientarum Honoris Causa from Aarhus University in Denmark for her career and specifically for her work on interactive video, participatory design and mixed reality.
Watch the short video presenting Wendy Mackay.
Wendy E. Mackay, a  research director with INRIA Saclay/Université Paris-Sud in France, has been appointed honorary doctor at Aarhus University on the background of her excellent research and ground-breaking results in relation to the design of innovative interactive computer systems. Mackay is a true pioneer in her field. Her research is internationally recognized, and she has been building bridges between academia and industry since the beginning of her career in the 1980s, and has worked with the American company the Digital Equipment Corporation and Xerox EuroPARK, among others.

Mackay’s current research focuses on the design of innovative interactive systems which actively take users’ specific contexts and needs into account. In order to move beyond the current generation of desktop environments and envision the next generation of interactive environments, her research team creates prototype interactive environments that explore what the next generation of interactive systems will look like.

Mackay has had a close relationship to Aarhus University since the mid-1980s. For example, she has been a visiting researcher at the Department of Computer Science, and has been involved in a various types of collaborative projects with researchers at the department over the years. Mackay’s research has received several international distinctions in the form of prizes and research fellowships, including an ERC Advanced Grant. 

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