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Codalab Codalab
1 March 2018

Codalab is available to organize competitions for teaching and research.

CodaLab Competitions is a powerful open source framework for running competitions that involve result or code submission. You can either participate in an existing competition or host a new competition.

Most competitions hosted on Codalab are machine learning (data science) competitions, but Codalab is NOT limited to this application domain. It can accommodate any problem for which a solution can be provided in the form of a zip archive containing a number of files to be evaluated quantitatively by a scoring program (provided by the organizers). The scoring program must return a numeric score, which is displayed on a leaderboard where the performances of participants are compared.

Pour en savoir plus:
Nature reports on TrackML
21 June 2018
Can machine learning assist high energy physics in discovering and characterizing new particles? TAO participates in the organization of the TrackML challenge with CERN. The second phase of the competition will use Codalab.

A newspaper article from Isabelle Guyon
19 March 2018
Link to the paper:

Michèle Sebag was elected member of the French Academy of technology
13 April 2018
Michele Sebag, Research Director of CNRS and Vice director of LRI, was elected member of the French Academy of technologies: