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Equipe-Projet Postale

Postale (Performance Optimization by Software Transformation and Algorithms & Libraries Enhancement) is an Inria Saclay project-team in the area of high-performance computing (HPC), architecture and compilation. Postale focuses on providing software and hardware means to help programmers to deal with the ever growing complexity of programming state-of-the-art parallel and distributed architectures and to develop optimized HPC applications.


Activités de recherche
  ° Calcul à haute performance
  ° Architectures parallèles
  ° Compilation et optimisation des programmes

Equipes associées
  ° Systèmes Parallèles

Membres LRI
  ° EISENBEIS Christine
  ° ETIEMBLE Daniel
  ° EVRAT Katia
  ° FALCOU Joël
  ° KHABOU Amal

Membres non-LRI

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