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Joint Inria project team: ILDA
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In an increasing number of domains, users are faced with large datasets, that are often interlinked and organized according to complex structures, resulting in overwhelming amounts of both raw data and structured information. Rather than seeing the inherent complexity of the underlying data models as a hindrance, we aim at leveraging it to design new interactive systems, that we call data-centric interactive systems, and that better assist users in their data understanding and processing tasks.

Data-centric Interactive Systems aim at providing users with the right information at the right time, presenting it in the most meaningful manner, and letting users efficiently manipulate those data and share them with others. This entails minimizing the effort required to retrieve and relate data from relevant sources; displaying those data using presentation techniques that match the data's characteristics and the users' tasks; and providing users with means of interacting with the data that effectively support their train of thought: smoothly drilling down into the details and backtracking, assembling facts from multiple sources into coherent pieces of information, and reusing those further in the process.

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  ° PIETRIGA Emmanuel

Research activities
  ° Web data management
  ° Human-Computer Interaction
  ° Interaction and visualization paradigms

Associated research projects
  ° Human-Centered Computing

LRI members
  ° APPERT Caroline
  ° BEZERIANOS Anastasia
  ° CAVEZ Vincent
  ° CHAPUIS Olivier
  ° PENA ARAYA Vanessa
  ° PIETRIGA Emmanuel

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