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Joint Inria project team: Toccata
joint project

Toccata is a Inria team common with Université Paris-Sud and CNRS
Web Page of the team

  ° MARCHÉ Claude

Research activities
  ° Automated Proof, SMT and Applications
  ° Formalisation and Proof of Numerical Programs
  ° Formalisation of (Specification and Programming) Languages in Proof Assistants
  ° Data-Centric Languages and Systems
  ° Deductive Verification of Programs

Associated research projects
  ° Verification of Algorithms, Languages and Systems

LRI members
  ° BALABONSKI Thibaut
  ° BOLDO Sylvie
  ° DENIS Xavier
  ° EVRAT Katia
  ° FILLIÂTRE Jean-Christophe
  ° MARCHÉ Claude
  ° MELQUIOND Guillaume
  ° PASKEVYCH Andriy
  ° PAULIN-MOHRING Christine

Non-LRI members

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