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Research activities: Automated deduction

  Artificial Intelligence and Inference Systems

Joint Inria project teams

Research highlights
  Distributed Reasoning in a Peer-to-Peer Setting: Application to the Semantic Web
  Non-conservative Extension of a Peer in a P2P Inference System
  A Simplex-Based Extension of Fourier-Motzkin for Solving Linear Integer Arithmetic

Contracts & grants

Software & patents


  ROUSSET Marie-Christine
  SIMON Laurent
  MOY Yannick
  NGUYEN Gia Hien
  STOULS Nicolas
  LESCUYER Stéphane

Ph.D. dissertations & Faculty habilitations
  Preuves mécanisées de propriétés de programmes
  Elements for Decidability of Unification modulo Distributivity
  Automatic Modular Sataic Safety Checking for C Programs
  Automated Proof: Techniques, Tools, and Certification

Research activities
° Algorithm control and hyper-parameter tuning
° Algorithms for networked systems
° Automated Proof, SMT and Applications
° Automated Reasoning
° Combinatorics
° Compilation and code optimization
° Data-Centric Languages and Systems
° Deductive Verification of Programs
° Distributed algorithms
° Engineering of interactive systems
° Formal Model-Based Testing
° Formalisation and Proof of Numerical Programs
° Formalisation of (Specification and Programming) Languages in Proof Assistants
° Generative design methods
° Graph Theory
° Green networks
° Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
° High-performance computing
° Human-Computer Interaction
° Integration of Data and Knowledge
° Interaction and visualization paradigms
° Large scale modelling
° Massively distributed algorithms for complex data
° Mediated collaboration
° Multi-hop wireless networks