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Research activities: Bioinformatics

  - Information integration
  - Ontologies
  - Data mining
  - Workflows


Joint Inria project teams

Research highlights
  The Average Complexity of Tree Alignment
  A stochastic automaton shows how enzyme assemblies may contribute to metabolic efficiency
  GenoQuery: a new querying module for functional annotation in a genomic warehouse
  Automated motif extraction and classification in RNA tertiary structures
  Average complexity of the Jiang-Wang-Zhang pairwise tree alignment algorithm and of a RNA secondary structure alignment algorithm
  VARNA software distinguished
  Automated prediction of three-way junction topological families in RNA secondary structures
  Tree decomposition and parameterized algorithms for RNA structure-sequence alignment including tertiary interactions and pseudoknots
  Chromosome Replication in Escherichia coli: Life on the Scales. Vic NORRIS and Patrick AMAR
  The Mimic Chain Reaction. V. Norris, A. Thierry, P. Amar, B. Holland, F. Molina
  Sensor potency of the moonlighting enzyme-decorated cytoskeleton: the cytoskeleton as a metabolic sensor
  Novel insights regarding the sigmoidal pattern of resistance to neomycin conferred by the aphII gene in Streptomyces lividans.

Contracts & grants
  Bioinformatics and biomathematic

Software & patents
  Sequential Nuggets of Knowledge - DeeVee

  Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (Genève)

  AZE Jérôme
  RANCE Bastien
  LEMOINE Frédéric
  SAULE Cédric
  THEVENIN Annelyse
  DJELLOUL Mahassine
  PONTY Yann
  LOU Feng
  RINAUDO Philippe

Ph.D. dissertations & Faculty habilitations
  Etude algorithmique et statistique de la comparaison de structures secondaires d'ARN
  Intégration d'informations pour les bases de données génomiques
  Random structures, models, and genome analysis
  Application of RNA Bioinformatics in decoding RNA structure and regulation
  "Recherche d'associations séquentielles et alignement d'ontologies biologiques."
  Intégration, Interrogation et analyse de données de génomique comparative
  Modélisation de la complexité et de la dynamique des simulations entités centrées. Application pour l'analyse des phénomènes émergents
  Algorithmic Aspects of Genome Rearrangements: Duplications and Partial Orders

Research activities