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Doctorat de

Equipe : Informatique Centrée sur l'Humain

Interactive Prototyping of Interactions: From Throwaway Prototypes to Takeaway Prototyping

Début le 01/10/2015
Direction : BEAUDOUIN-LAFON, Michel

Ecole doctorale : ED STIC 580
Etablissement d'inscription : Université Paris-Sud

Lieu de déroulement : LRI - HCC

Soutenue le 12/12/2018 devant le jury composé de :
Directeur de these :
- Michel BEAUDOUIN-LAFON, Université Paris-Sud.

- Björn HARTMANN, UC Berkeley;
- Nicolai MARQUARDT, UCL Interaction Centre.

Examinateurs :
- Jan BORCHERS, RWTH Aachen University;
- Fanny CHEVALIER, University of Toronto;
- Jean-Daniel FEKETE, INRIA Saclay.

Activités de recherche :

Résumé :
Interaction designers rely on rapid prototyping to explore ideas with throwaway artifacts. I argue that novel rapid prototyping tools can be built to effectively support disposable as well as reusable artifacts for sketching interactive behaviors. I present two new tools for video prototyping -VideoClipper and Montage-, a classification of the most common problems during designer-developer collaboration, and four principles to mitigate them. I applied these principles to create a novel collaborative prototyping tool called Enact. Results suggest that Enact helps participants detect more edge cases, increases designers' participation and provides new opportunities for co-creation. Then, I reflect on the underlying theoretical principles of the three tools: reification, polymorphism, reuse and information substrates. Finally, I present Takeaway Prototyping, a new prototyping approach focused on bringing iterative prototyping to early-stage design.