This is the website for Programming of Interactive systems [Interfaces et Systems Interactives]

Classes are given by Anastasia Bezerianos, and our TA is Nolwenn Maudet.

The class is based partially on last year's class, as well as older classes by M. Beaudouin-Lafon, ones by T. Tsantilas, by N. Roussel and by O. Chapuis.

The following people have contributed to the design of the TA excersises : N. Roussel, C. Appert, O. Bau, M. Beaudouin-Lafon, G. Besacier, S. Gueddana, Y. Riche, M. Nancel, D. Bonnet, C. Fleury, A.Prouzeau .


20/09: Code from today's (and some from next) is class is online Code

20/09: Solutions for the expercise we did today are online in the TA site

13/09: Before next class look at the TA site about installing Eclipse

Pratical info

You can contact Anastasia or Sarah by email (

Don't forget the [ProgIS] in the title!

Class material


Introduction - Definitions: Slides

Design Cycle: Slides

Practical: Slides

A Moving Target—The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction by Jonathan Grudin

Why is UX so hard for some developers? by Karl Fast (with several links to useful resources)

A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design by Bret Victor


Introduction to Swing: Slides

Practical: Slides

More about layout: Slides

Code used in today's class (and future classes) can be found here

GUI Programming by Brad Myers (quite old)

Oracle's guidelines for creating UIs in Java

Apple's guidelines for Mac OS applications

C.R.A.P. principles applied to graphic design and UI design


Continuing with the Introduction to Swing, focusing on Input Events (see slides and code from previous class)


Introduction to Java2D: Slides

Turorials on Java2D


Peripherals, Software Architectures and MVC Slides

MVC examples Slides

Java Swing and MVC and how to use models in Swing


UI Toolkits and event handling Slides

State machines in UI programming Slides


Animation Slides

Exam prep Slides

Animation code from today is here


TA material and instructions of what to install on your machine are on the TA site.

Homework assignments

H/W 1 and 2 (versions 1 & 2) are online here. H/W 1 (Storyboard) is due on September 20. Part 2 (Minsweeper) is due on October 3rd (version 1) and October 25 (version 2).


The project website is here


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