Overview of PHY Caching in Wireless Networks


Speaker: Vincent Lau, Chair Professor, FIEEE, FHKIE, Dept of ECE, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Email: eeknlau@ee.ust.hk

URL: http://www.ee.ust.hk/~eeknlau



Abstract: There are two fundamental issues, namely the interference and the backhaul, associated with modern wireless networks. In this talk, we explore a new way of utilizing cache in the wireless network called the PHY caching to mitigate interference with very limited backhaul. We first give an overview of the PHY caching and explain the key design challenges. Next, we discuss the performance benefit of PHY caching in various simple wireless channel topologies. Finally, we analyze the benefit of PHY caching in dense wireless networks (DWN) where we show that the capacity of the backhaul-limited DWN scales linearly with the number of BSs if the BS cache size is larger than a threshold that depends on the content popularity distribution.



Vincent obtained B.Eng (Distinction 1st Hons) from the University of Hong Kong (1989-1992) and Ph.D. from the Cambridge University (1995-1997). He completed the Ph.D. degree in two years and joined Bell Labs from 1997-2004. He joined the Department of ECE, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2004 and is currently a Chair Professor and the Founding Director of Huawei-HKUST Joint Innovation Lab at HKUST. He is also elected as IEEE Fellow, HKIE Fellow, Croucher Senior Research Fellow and Changjiang Chair Professor. Vincent has published more than 300 IEEE journal and conference papers and has contributed to 50 US patents on various wireless systems. His current research focus includes robust cross layer optimization for wireless systems, Massive MIMO, Compressed Sensing, Networked Control Systems as well as PHY Caching for Wireless Networks.