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Two new papers published in the FGCS Journal (contact author for both) : on reproducibility and InfraPhenoGrid.

Magistère d'Informatique de l'Université Paris-Sud (please contact me for any additional information)

I co-animate the working group (Action, GDR MaDICS) on Reproducibility of scientific experiments with Christophe Blanchet. I co-animate the Big Data working group of IFB with Pierre Larmande.

Our Mastodons project QualiBioConsensus has been merged with the Mastodons HyQual project: Visit the new HyQualiBio Project Web page!


  • Integration of Big and heterogeneous biological and biomedical data
  • Provenance in scientific workflows
  • Querying and ranking biological & biomedical data
  • Workflow/dataflow design, software engineering, user requirements
  • Semantic Web, metadata, quality