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Involvement in Research (infra-)structures

I am involved in the following research (infra)structures:

ELIXIR/EXCELERATE H2020 European infrastructure project: ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organisation that brings together life science resources from across Europe. The goal of ELIXIR is to coordinate these resources so that they form a single infrastructure. ELIXIR includes 21 member states (called nodes). ELIXIR has several workpackages divided into (i) platforms (Data, Tools, Interoperability, Compute and Training) and (ii) use cases (Human Data, Rare Diseases, Marine Metagenomics, Plant Sciences). In the context of ELIXIR/EXCELERATE, I am responsible of the French node on the WP5 workpackage (Interoperability) and responsible (European level) of the WP5/WP7 link, that is, the link between the Interoperability platform and the Plant use case.

Paris-Saclay Center for Data Sciences (CDS): CDS has been designed to combine all of the multidisciplinary skills required for analysing huge amounts of data: researchers and engineers in data science (involving a large number of mathematic and computer science domains including databases, data mining, (statistical) machine learning, knowledge representation, visualisation...), data specialists (involving a large number of domains including life sciences, medecince, astronomy, social sciences...). I am member of the steering commitee of CDS, responsible of the relationships with the Life Sciences projects and with the master student events (e.g., Junior conference 2017).

Labex Digicosme working group Data to Knowledge: member of the working group.

Member of Editorial Board

Journal on data Semantics (JoDS).

PC Member

SIGMOD 2017, SIGMOD 2016, SIGMOD 2015

ICDE 2015, ICDE 2012, ICDE 2010 (I won the ICDE Outstanding Reviewer Award!)

TAPP 2016, TAPP 2015, TAPP 2014, TAPP 2013 (International Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance)

SWEET 2013, SWEET 2012, International workshop on Scalable Workflow Enactment Engines and Technologies

VLDB 2011 (demo track), Very Larges Data Bases.

JOBIM 2017, JOBIM 2011, JOBIM 2010 the French conference in Bioinformatics.

SSDBM 2012, SSDBM 2009, International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management.

SWPM 2009, SWPM 2010, International Workshop on the role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management (ISWC workshop)

DILS 2006, DILS 2007, DILS 2008, DILS 2009, DILS 2010, DILS 2012, DILS 2013, DILS 2014 International workshops on Data Integration in the Life Sciences (I was co-chair of DILS 2008), I am member of the Steering committee of DILS.

BDA 2009, BDA 2012, the French conference in Databases

IIMAS'08, Workshop on Information Integration Methods, Architectures, and Systems (ICDE workshop).

ISMB 2006, International conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology.


VLDB Journal

Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier

Briefings in Bioinformatics Journal, Oxford University Press.

Bioinformatics Journal, Oxford University Press.

BMC Bioinformatics Journal, BioMed Central.

Proteomics Journal, Wiley InterScience.