Computer Science

The application portal 2016-2017 for the Master in Computer Science is now open

The Computer Science Program

The goal of the Computer Science Master’s program is to teach students the theoretical foundations and the various concepts and tools of computer science, so that they can adapt to and anticipate technological developments and integrate quickly in the industrial and scientific world.


The Master’s program is a cooperation with AgroParisTech, École Centrale Paris, ENS Cachan, ENSIIE, ENSTA, INSTN, École Polytechnique, Supélec, Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis, Université d'Evry-Val-D'Essone, Université Paris-Sud, and Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.


The Master of Computer Science has a broad spectrum and offers students to specialize in a large variety of domains. The program lasts two years. In the first year (M1) the student follows one out of six possible tracks (M1 at Evry, M1 at Orsay, M1 at Versailles, international M1 track, Jacques Herbrand track, and IRS track). These tracks differ mainly by their location. In the second year (M2) the student follows one out of sixteen tracks. These differ by their thematical specialization.


Students can apply for either M1 or M2 or for both. Applications can only be made through the application portal of the Paris-Saclay University. If your country is covered by the Campus France program, please the procedure below as well.

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The applications will be judged by juries. The juries will inform the Paris-Saclay University of their decisions, and these will then be forwarded to the applicants. Additional material (French only):

Important: we want to make clear that no documents should be sent directly by mail to anybody. We receive hundreds of applications, and if everyone sends us their documents, our mailboxes will be flooded. Please submit any documents only through the Web interface.

Campus France

Some countries are covered by the Campus France program. Unfortunately, the page of Campus France has not yet been updated. So students should proceed as follows:

Further Information

For anything concerning the Master’s program in general, contact:

For information concerning one particular M1 track, contact the following address (replacing SITE by evry, orsay or versailles):

For information concerning the la Jacques Herbrand track or the international M1 track:

For information concerning an M2 track, click on the contact icon below.


First year (M1)

M1 at Evry
M1 at Orsay
M1 at Versailles
Jacques Herbrand track
International M1 track
M1 IRS track

Second year (M2)

AcronymTrackBrochurePresentation Web pageContact
AIC Apprentissage, Information et Contenu
DKData & Knowledge
DataScaleGestion de données dans un monde numérique
DSBIModèles numériques pour le décisionnel
HCIHuman-Computer Interaction
AFPAlgorithmique et Fondements de la Programmation
AMISAlgorithmique et Modélisation à l'Interface des Sciences
FIILFondements de l'Informatique et Ingénierie du Logiciel
MPROMaster Parisien de Recherche Opérationnelle
CILSConception et Intelligence des Logiciels et Systèmes
COMASICModélisation et Architecture des Systèmes Industriels Complexes
ACNAdvanced Communication Networks
CCNComputer Science for Communication Networks
IRSIngénierie de Réseaux et des Systèmes
ISRIngénierie des Systèmes en Réseaux
SeCReTSSécurité des Contenus, des Réseaux, des Télécommunications et des Systèmes